Climate Action

Action Alert: Demand the EPA Withdraw Its Proposal to Limit Science

The first Earth Day in 1970 spurred great change, including the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. For the EPA to do its job, it must be guided by science. For this reason, we must object to the recently proposed rules to limit the use of scientific studies to influence policies. The public health is at risk from such a propsal. Now is the time to mobilize and to take action. The public is permitted to submit comments about the EPA’s proposed plan to restrict the use of data needed to inform policies that would protect the American public. (More on that here.) Please join us in demanding that the EPA withdraw its proposal to limit science. Join us in asking the EPA to step up and listen to the needs of the public, not lobbyists from the fossil fuel and chemical industries. Join us in demanding that the EPA respect science, and accept trusted and valuable data in making decisions to protect human health and the environment.