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6 Tips Towards Greener Winter Holidays

It is no surprise that as Winter rolls in, so do many winter holidays, especially as we approach the end of the year. But did you know trash production in the US increases by about 25% in the winter? But worry not; below are some tips on taking a greener approach this winter holiday season.  

Gift Wrapping 

The holiday season, single-used gift wrapping is some of the largest trash producers. Here are some alternatives to decreasing the mounting amount of discarded items. 

  1. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Start this year by reusing gift bags from gifts throughout the year or even last year’s gift bags. Not only does this ensure that fewer gift bags end up in the landfill, it also saves you money. 
  2. Opt for a gift within a gift using usable fabrics as a form of wrapping. These fabrics can be scarves, towels, blankets, and more. And who doesn’t like two gifts in one?  
  3. Another great way of approaching gift wrapping is using your Sunday paper, making it a great way of using what could have ended up in the landfill. As a bonus, all the gift-wrapping is special and unique, as the pages used can be hand selected. 

The Gift 

When it comes to gifting, it can be hard to keep it sustainable when looking for the perfect gift. However, this list will help you stay sustainable even when looking for a last-minute gift.  

  1. DIY-it. There is no better way of making a gift extra meaningful than by making it yourself. It can vary from a family recipe to a simple candy cane bark. Take a step further and use old pasta jars to place the goodies in ordecorating it with eco-friendly chalk markers.      
  2. Another way of staying sustainable is by gifting a locally harvested fruit basket. There is no better way of showing you care than by personally selecting the best winter fruits from your local farmers market. This not only helps local farmers directly, but it cuts back on third-party emissions.  
  3. While looking for a farmers market, you may also come across a local artisan shop plaza, which is another amazing way of shopping sustainably. This  also ensures that you are helping local community artists, as well as being the perfect way of finding unique gifts that can not be found elsewhere.   

To find more ways on staying sustainable this Winter, check out our Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide and 8 Tips to Green Your Holiday.