EARTHRISE for Earth Day: Take Action



To mobilize thousands of organizations, communities and schools, and millions of individuals worldwide, in a united demand for greater protections for our planet.

EARTHRISE will mobilize for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with actions across the globe, engaging students and young people as well as supporting parents, school administrators, faith leaders, businesses, policymakers and civic organizations to demand immediate action on climate change.

To build the largest, most diverse global mobilization in history in defense of the environment, we need your support. Together, we can fight for a cleaner, safer, more just and sustainable world that protects and supports all of us.

3 days of action: April 22 -24

Let’s turn out millions for Earth Day to meet our climate emergency with collective power and unity —

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April 22, 2020, is a key moment for citizens, institutions and organizations everywhere to demonstrate our shared demand for bold, transformative change with 3 days of action.

Will you join this global movement as we build toward the next half century of action for our planet?


Here’s how you can EARTHRISE for Earth Day —

With just weeks to Earth Day, how can you help spread the word?

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To demand climate action, we must build history’s largest, most diverse global mobilization.

The world needs a new way forward. A united call for bold action.

Together, we EARTHRISE