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Environmental Education

Engage your students in a variety of our Earth Day 2020 Campaigns

Before the age of social media and the internet, organizers of the first Earth Day in 1970 were able to bring 20 million people together to learn about the environmental problems we faced and act to address them. This was possible because of the incredible passion and motivation of youth and students at the time taking a stand for a cleaner planet for their future.

At Earth Day Network we are working to increase awareness and build environmental and climate literacy in students around the world to protect the planet and make a difference in their communities. For our 50th Anniversary we want to engage 500 million students in Earth Day environmental education activities throughout 2020. We are doing this through strategic global partnerships and developing resources for students and teachers to learn about local environmental issues which equip learners with inspiration and skills for environmental civic action. Explore the pages below to learn about how our education initiatives can be utilized in your school or community.

Environmental Literacy

Help students explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve the environment.

The Global Teach-In

Engaging 500 million students in the Global Teach-In.


Bringing the environmental movement to college campuses.

Artists for the Earth

Using student art to communicate environmental issues and inspire environmental action!

Green Schools

Green schools protect the environment, keep teachers and students healthy, and promote environmental literacy.

Educator Network Newsbites

Stay up to date with all our latest resources and read stories on what projects students and teachers are doing around the world!

Climate Education Resources

Tools and curriculum to equip students to become the next generation of environmental leaders.

Earth Challenge

The world’s largest coordinated citizen science campaign.

The Great Global Cleanup™

Earth’s largest clean up crew mobilizes to clean shores, green spaces, urban communities, and waterways for Earth Day 2020.

Food and Environment

Help build the world we crave, one bite at a time.

Protect Our Species

Raising awareness on the growing threat of extinction of species around the world, and in our own backyards.

End Plastic Pollution

Educating and mobilizing students across the globe to evaluate their person plastic usage and call for their schools and communities to reduce pollution.