A Win for Wind

As part of the recent fiscal cliff deal, Congress has authorized an extension of the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), a move that was applauded by renewable energy advocates all over the country. 

The new legislation includes a one year extension as well as vital modifications that provide a 2.2 cent per kilowatt tax credit for the production of electricity from utility-scale wind turbines. This means that wind companies can continue to develop wind resources that will produce clean energy for thousands of homes across the country, and it bolsters a key clean energy industry at a critical time for the climate. 

Throughout 2012, failure to act on the PTC left the wind industry in a state of uncertainty and put hundreds of workers out of jobs.  Now, with the extension of the credit, 75,000 American wind workers can go into work knowing their jobs are secure. The legislation directly saved 37,000 green jobs and will create many more over time.

For the last two months, Earth Day Network has been advocating for extension of the PTC through our A Billion Acts of Green® platform.  Thousands signed on and sent letters to their representatives demanding that Congress extend the credit.  It is through your hard work that we were able to achieve this victory.  Thank you for your contributions!

Also, remember to visit www.earthday.org/takeaction to take part in another A Billion Acts of Green® campaign.