Planting Trees at Schools

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Making connections in classrooms around the world

From Senegal to Finland, from Los Angles to the Bronx. Earth Day Network loves planting trees and especially loves planting trees with kids. Planting trees connects children with nature and shows them that their hard work makes a difference in their world.

School children can take an active role in helping to green their schools by teaming with their teachers, administrators, and parents to plant trees on their school property. This gets children out of their classrooms and into the great outdoors. It gets their hands in the dirt and lets them really make an impact that they and their community can revisit for years.

Trees in a school yard improve air quality and can reduce temperatures in warm climates by 10°F. They provide shade in the summer, beautiful, inspiring colors in the fall, and new signs of life every spring. They are a small environmental investment that will pay dividends for years if not decades to come.

And each tree you plant is another Act of Green. From humble beginnings and goals in 2010 we are now rapidly approaching 3 billion Acts of Green. Help us green schools while reaching our goals.

In addition, to help support EDN’s tree planting at schools, contact [email protected].


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