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This year’s theme is Trees for the Earth, Earth Day Network’s campaign to plant 7.8 Billion trees by Earth Day 2020.  To achieve this goal, and help educate the world about the dangers of climate change, we need your help!



Earth Day Network launched its higher education campaign, MobilizeU, in 2012. MobilizeU is an international movement of concerned and active students and administrators uniting around their common interest of environmental action in support of a sustainable future for all.

Billion Acts of Green

Students can participate in Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green® campaign by taking action on their campus and recording them on our platform. “Acts of Green” are actions that either educate someone about the environment or reduce an individual or school’s carbon footprint.

You, as a MobilizeU activist, have the power to determine what type of environmental activities will be the best for your campus. You can generate Acts of Green by starting up new environmental projects, or continuing initiatives. These actions can also have multiple impacts whether it be through relieving poverty or working towards international development.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Host a Climate Forum!
  • Start a Divestment campaign on your campus!
  • Plan a tree planting for your campus!
  • Lead a recycling drive to collect as much plastic, metal, and glass as possible!
  • Pick up trash at a local park or beach!
  • Set up a screening of an environmentally-themed movie. Consider supplementing the screening with a speaker who can lead a Q&A following the film!
  • For more ideas and tips on how to organize your Earth Day event, see our Earth Day Action Toolkit.

The theme of Earth Day 2016 is Trees for the Earth. Trees for the Earth is our campaign to plant 7.8 Billion trees around the world, one for every person the planet, by the Earth Day’s 50th anniversary in 2020.

Register your Event!

Register your event with us online, and Earth Day Network will help you market your event to thousands of people!

Media Toolkit

One of the best ways to spread this message, and market your event, is through social media! See our Earth Day toolkit for more information about Earth Day Network’s campaigns and how to plan a successful event!

Send us your Earth Day event pictures and videos to share your story with our network by using our official hashtags. Here are some examples of tweets or captions for your photos to use when sharing them:

Official Hashtags

  • #Trees4Earth
  • #MobilizeU
  • #ClimateChange
  • #BillionActsofGreen
  • #ED2016
  • #ClimateForum
  • #ClimateEducationWeek

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