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Mayor R.T. Rybak - City of Minneapolis

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About Global Day of Conversation 2011


In 2011, local leaders and elected officials stood on the front lines of addressing the impacts of climate change on their communities while at the same time creating green job opportunities, energy savings and a healthier environment.

To advance the green economy on the local policy-making level, Earth Day Network and its partners have invited local officials worldwide to join its annual Campaign for Communities. Formerly known as Global Day of Conversation, Campaign for Communities is a platform for leaders to promote community conversations on the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability. These discussions have helped constituents and other participants achieve a, shared and more profound understanding of how best to address the complex challenges and opportunities involved in building a sustainable future for generations to come. These dialogues will permit for leaders to convey ideas and opinions, by sharing best environmental practices, educating the public, and elevating the prominence of local governments in the global sustainability dialogue.

In April 2011, the campaign successfully convened close to a thousand locally elected officials in more than 45 U.S. states and 14 countries worldwide. Using the Global Day of Conversation and Campaign for Communities platform, local leaders and elected officials can develop their own policy innovations that can be scaled to regional, national and international levels, thus making a significant impact on our global environment.

In total, local leaders and elected officials from 269 cities across 16 countries and 46 U.S. states participated, 103 proclamations were passed in city councils around the U.S., explicitly supporting growing the green economy or environmental education, and 27 events representing 17 congressional districts had organized conversation events with college students in the U.S. 

If you are a local leader or work with your local government and want your community to take part in this global initiative for Earth Day 2012, please contact Christina Cernansky, Director of Advocacy, at or +1 202 518 0044.



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