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Take the Coral Pledge

Around the world, coral reefs are in danger. These fascinating organisms, which provide habitat for thousands of other species and help support global industries with a value totaling as much as $9.9 trillion, are under attack from rising ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, chemical pollution, and damage from human contact. Humans around the world and countless other species rely on coral reefs for their survival. That is why Earth Day Network is asking you to sign this pledge to do as much as you can to help protect these immensely important organisms.

Coral reefs are both essential to the ability of humans to continue to survive and thrive on this planet and are directly and indirectly threatened by human actions. That is why I am signing this pledge to protect coral in all of my daily decisions. Specifically, I pledge to:

  • Sign Earth Day Network’s petition calling for sunscreen manufacturers to remove the harmful chemical oxybenzone from their products,
  • Limit my carbon footprint to reduce my contribution to global climate change and the rise in the temperature of our oceans – use Earth Day Network and the Global Footprint Network’s ecological footprint quiz to get started,
  • Minimize my contribution to the problem of plastic pollution – you can use Earth Day Network’s End Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit to see how much plastic pollution you are creating and to learn how you can lower that amount as much as possible,
  • Stop using harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers in my garden,
  • Avoid stepping on, touching, or anchoring boats to coral reefs while near them,
  • Ensure that I patronize dive companies that are committed to coral conservation if I go snorkeling or diving near coral,
  • Not purchase any corals or home aquarium fish that are not sustainably and legally sourced,
  • Conserve water whenever possible to prevent runoff and wastewater from making its way to our oceans, and
  • Become a coral reef advocate by learning as much as I can about coral protection and sharing this information with my community