** Note: You do NOT have to be a resident of Pennsylvania to submit a letter.
You can live anywhere in the U.S. **

In a potentially devastating oversight, the newly proposed science education standards for Pennsylvania could eliminate all of the requirements for students to learn about the state’s environment and ecology. If the current proposed changes are approved, environmental education efforts could suffer a major loss for decades to come.

We need your urgent help to call for important changes needed in these proposed secondary standards before the public comment period closes on July 5th.

A win in Pennsylvania is a win for the nation as it sets a precedent other states can follow. No matter where you are in the country, you can add your voice and have an impact. Your action is critical to developing environmentally literate students, preparing the next generation for 21st century jobs and addressing the climate crisis and environmental inequities across the world.

Please send a message to Karen Molchanow, Executive Director of the State Board of Education, and urge her to include specific and meaningful standards for Environment, Ecology and Agriculture in the science standards.