Mobilize U

College students were the driving force behind the very first Earth Day in 1970 and they continue to stand at the forefront of the environmental movement. That is why EARTHDAY.ORG is dedicated to empowering students to continue this tradition of organizing and activism.


  • Bring the power of Earth Day to your college year-round, connecting your campus to the global environmental movement.
  • Use MobilizeU guidance and resources to improve sustainability on your campus.
  • Get valuable resume experience in campaign organizing.
  • Commit to vote. And commit to #VoteEarth
  • Register to vote! Or double-check you are registered properly.
  • Faculty and Administration

  • Our network of sustainability departments at colleges and universities around the world
  • Offers an opportunity for institutions to showcase their sustainability initiatives, while also being encouraged to do more.
  • Green Campus partners serve as inspiration for universities worldwide.
  • Download toolkits with curriculum designed for college students.

    The resources you need to make a difference on your campus.