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EDN Interns

Fall 2018 Interns

Evan Greenberg

Hi! My name is Evan Greenberg. I study International Relations with a focus on Environmental Sustainability at American University. After just spending a semester in Jordan learning Arabic, I am excited to be a part of the EDN team back in DC. When I am not in DC, I live in Brooklyn, NY with my family and my cat named Mouse.

Andy Wang

My name is Andy and I am a freshman from American University and I’m also taking the Washington Mentorship Program for the 2018 fall semester. I am originally from China. My major is undecided, albeit I’m interested in communication and technical science. When I was in high school, I took part in a water safety program with an organization in Cambodia. We conducted water quality surveys, water sample collecting and water tests there. We made up a plan and gave it to the local environmental organization in the end. I think I have the desire to do something related to environmental protection, since a lot of beautiful places in my home town were damaged by people and I don’t want that to happen again. I hope I can do my best at EDN during my internship.

Eleanor Ruggiero

Elli Ruggiero is from Hingham, Massachusetts and is a freshman in the Mentorship Program at American University. In high school, Elli was an active member of Green Team, a student led club that focuses on environmental awareness and advocacy, and earned a spot as the Executive Vice President her senior year. Sophomore year, Elli had an opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in which she hiked all around the country and learned about their use of renewable energy. Through this trip, she discovered her passion for the environment and decided to do a senior project for Global Citizenship Certificate Program comparing the use of renewable energy in Costa Rica to other countries, mainly the US. Besides the environment, she is interested in studying Spanish at AU, but is currently undecided on her major. Elli has a great appreciation for the outdoors and loves to go on hikes, ski, run, and spend time at the beach.

Kathryn Hundley

Kathryn is originally from Plainsboro, New Jersey and now lives in Washington, D.C. where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree from American University. At American University she studies International Studies and Sustainability. Her main interests are in sustainable design and architecture, and in the intersection between human rights and environmental rights. As she prepares to graduate in May she is excited for the opportunity to pursue her passion for the environment with Earth Day Network. When she is not in the office you can find her getting involved on campus through the Student Philanthropy Council, listening to music, or cooking with her friends.

Evan Sherman

Evan joined the Earth Day Network as an intern starting in September 2018. He currently attends school at American University as a freshman, where he studies International Relations with the School of International Service. In high school Evan participated in the class, Global Issues, where he studied global economic and environmental inequality, becoming aware of the challenges that face our planet. Evan looks forward to interning with Earth Day Network to further his professional skill set, and further the fight for the environment.

Teva Hollinger

Teva is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is currently a freshman in the Mentorship Program at American University. Throughout high school, Teva was part of many clubs including Model UN, Student Council, and Junior Optimist which all promoted awareness and change. Although undecided in his major, he has a strong passion for all things environmental and sees the importance in preserving the environment for everyone. When he is not in the office, you can find him watching TV, hanging out with friends, or spending time with his dog Nando. Teva is excited to be interning at the Earth Day Network during the Fall of 2018.

Dennis Chen

Dennis Chen is a freshman at American University, still undecided in his major. Dennis is from Montgomery, New Jersey and took a class in high school to help support environmental protection. This interested him, and really shed light on how important protecting the planet is. Outside of school, Dennis likes to work out, listen to music and watch movies. Dennis is very excited to be interning at Earth Day Network.

Gunnar Carroll

Gunnar Carroll is from Brooklyn, New York and is currently in the Mentorship program at American University. While in high school, Gunnar was involved with a lot of community service based organizations including the Million Tree Initiative and Build It Green NYC. While his major is currently undecided, Gunnar’s interests revolve around non-profit organizations and environmental conservation, as well as football and basketball on the side. Gunnar looks forward to interning at Earth Day Network to make a difference and gain valuable experience for his future career.

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