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Climate Education Resources

Lessons for Climate Education Week (and Every Week!).

At Earth Day Network, we believe a critical step in creating a healthy and more sustainable future for this and future generations is to educate and prepare students to lead us. Education focusing on environmental issues is paramount to a sustainable future led by environmentally literate citizens. Environmental education is needed now more than ever, and we have found that existing school curriculum choices are insufficient.

That’s where we come in: Earth Day Network’s education program provides resources for educators, with environmental lesson plans to teach students about conservation, sustainability, environmental protections, climate science, climate change impacts, and more. Earth Day Network provides tools and curriculum for educators to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to become the next generation of environmental leaders. Our education resources include climate change lesson plans in an annual toolkit we prepare for Climate Education Week.

Climate Education Week

For every annual Climate Education Week, we help educators to teach climate change with our Climate Education Toolkit, which includes a range of curricula, lesson plans, educational activities, and films. Our primary and secondary education resources help teachers engage their students in environmental issues, including daily lesson plans for students from K-12, broken into age-appropriate lessons (K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.) The education toolkit includes lessons, classroom discussion topics, films and videos, activities, reading materials, book suggestions, challenges, and more.

The Climate Education Toolkit for 2018 is a web-based, cross-disciplinary resource guide customized to coordinate with Earth Day Network’s End Plastic Pollution campaign. The toolkit provides a broad overview of the environmental issues surrounding the production, use, and disposal of plastic products and helps teachers incorporate environmental curriculum about plastic pollution into their lesson plans with a variety of age-appropriate lessons and activities. By understanding the complete life cycle of plastic products we use every day, we can begin to understand the impacts those products have on our climate, our environment, and our bodies.

The Climate Education Toolkit for 2019 is a web-based, cross-disciplinary resource guide customized to coordinate with Earth Day Network’s Protect Our Species campaign.

This toolkit has the objective of getting students engaged in conversation, by learning about the problems and issues that impact other species, how those problems result from interactions with humans or human activity, the ethical issues humans must negotiate while making everyday decisions, and the actions we can take to prevent the rapid disappearance of entire populations of other species. Together we can work to Protect Our Species!

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Download a lesson plan on filtering water for grades 5-8 

Download a K-4 lesson plan on ecosystem exploration 


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