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Faith and the Environment: VA

Faith leaders have the power to provide inspiration, hope, and action to elevate the plight of rapid species loss locally and around the world. For Earth Day 2019, the Earth Day Network is focusing its efforts on mitigating the rapid species extinction that many scientists are calling the “Sixth Extinction”. This loss impacts values core to all faith traditions: stewardship of the environment on which we all depend, caring for the health of our communities, and the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable.

Earth Day provides a platform for faith leaders to elevate the ethical principles of your faith tradition, that inform our relationship with other living things and start a process for all of us to take personal responsibility. Communities in Central Virginia have already been active in using their beliefs and traditions to serve and protect the environment.

The Earth Day Network is calling on communities of faith to take action in responding to the urgent and unprecedented problem created by rapid species extinction, by deepening your understanding of biodiversity and how intrinsically linked it is to the production of food, water, and clean air, the control of climate and disease, and to our spiritual well being.

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