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What You Can Do to Help End Plastic Pollution

Ready to help us in our global campaign to end plastic pollution? Learn more with our Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit, then follow the suggestions below.


Reduce your own plastic waste. Start by use our plastic calculator to track how much you use — then you can take steps to reduce your use.


Bring your own reusable shopping and produce bags, and avoid using single-use plastic bags. Bring your own reusable coffee cup when going out to get beverages. Like sipping through straws? Get a stainless steel or bamboo one to reuse. Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, invest in a water filter and reusable water bottle. (Bonus: it’s cheaper in the long run.) Make your own reusable cloth bags from old t-shirts, using basic sewing skills (or no sewing at all). (Find simple instructions online). Choose clothing and other personal items made from earth-friendly materials instead of microfibers and other synthetic fibers, which pollute our water. (Even more way to green your style.) Bring a reusable container to a restaurant with you when you expect to have leftovers.


Refuse straws: It’s as simple as adding, “No straw, please” when requesting beverages at restaurants or cafes. Refuse beverage tops. (Are you really going to spill?)


Pick up trash when visiting parks and beaches.


Recycle the plastics you use and no longer need. Return single-use bags to grocery stores for them to recycle.


Does your city or state have bans on single-use plastics? Send a letter or call your local elected leaders, urging them to ban plastic bags and other single-use plastic items. Share our Plastic Toolkit and Primer and plastic calculator with your friends.