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Earth Day 2019 Cities Resources

The resources below are designed to help local leaders engage and educate constituents and launch initiatives to protect biodiversity.

Cities working to Protect Our Species!

Cities around the world are leading the way and developing innovative plans to expand and protect urban ecosystems. This toolkit contains an array of materials and options available to local governments interested in participating in Earth Day 2019’s Protect Our Species campaign. The Global Day of Conversation offers cities an opportunity to use Earth Day as a platform to bring their communities together to learn about and participate in local initiatives, and develop new proposals.

Increasing urbanization without responsible stewardship is a threat to local flora and fauna. The challenge offers an opportunity to change our approach to urban living, to embrace the biodiversity that is an essential part of city living so that communities and species can thrive in unity. Read more about the issues and find examples of strategies that cities around the world are using to protect biodiversity.

Earth Day 2019 Partner Cities   

For City Officials and Staff

Register your city and grow the movement!

Register your city to endorse our campaign and become an Earth Day 2019 Partner City! By signing up, you will receive updates on our campaigns and success stories from cities around the world. There will also be many opportunities to share your city’s efforts to Protect Our Species!

Share Your Initiatives and Add Your City’s Voice to the Global Movement

Share photos, videos, and stories about what your city is doing to Protect Our Species all year round!

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