Easy Steps to Green Your Ride

Remove Green House gasses from the atmosphere

Bike,  bus and car-share your way to lower GHG emissions

The future of transportation hangs in the balance. In 2006, the world’s urban population surpassed its rural population for the first time in history. This rapid urban population growth has strained existing transportation infrastructure and made walking and cycling increasingly difficult, prompting more and more people to rely on cars for transportation. The result? Transportation is now the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 24 percent of global emissions.

With the right investments, we can reverse this trend.

What can we do?

  • Strengthen and expand existing public transportation networks so that they are more convenient and more accessible.
  • Investment in public transportation to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating jobs and catalyzing economic growth. In the process, we can improve public health and quality of life, as well as increase energy independence and economic security.
  • Invest in sustainable transportation technology to create fuel efficient and low-emissions vehicles.
  • Design biking- and walking-friendly cities. With these investments, we can transition to a cleaner, safer, and more affordable transportation infrastructure.

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