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Over the past century, the world has fallen into a pattern of unsustainable economic growth.  Accelerated consumption of fossil fuels and deforestation are only the most visible examples of how, in the effort to support our lifestyles, we are exhausting the planet’s natural resources and accelerating climate change, which in turn threatens life-sustaining ecosystems and the economy.

Our situation increasingly demands a transition to a green economy that does not worsen climate change or destroy the planet in order to profit.  Development of renewable energy and clean technology sectors must be accelerated to begin the shift to a post-carbon economy.  In parallel, product development needs to adopt closed-loop design in order to more easily address what to do with them when they are no longer of use.  Finally, the worlds of finance, business and policy need to routinely place an accurate, measurable value on the services that nature provides our civilization so that those assets will be protected rather than destroyed.

A green economy not only protects ourselves and our planet, but can provide millions of jobs as we develop and install new technologies, rebuild and retrofit buildings, and devise new processes and modes of production.

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