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The Earth Day movement was born out of coordinated citizen efforts around the world. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 is a unique opportunity for the world to recreate a catalytic moment that will advance ambitious and bold solutions to solve the environmental challenges we face and to protect our planet for future generations.

County and local officials’ commitment to the environment will be key to the success of these mobilizations. Local leaders can leverage Earth Day 2020 to showcase innovative solutions, launch bold new initiatives, and cement their legacy by supporting civic action for the environment and sustainability. County officials can and must lead in this effort, engaging their local communities and constituencies by making Earth Day a county-wide affair and partnering with local stakeholders to create broad engagement opportunities for everyone in the community.

Earth Day 2020 campaigns will facilitate engagement at every level of society to build a movement that is ambitious, inclusive, and driven by action. Mobilizations around the country will aim to empower people with a sense of purpose and enhance their ability to create meaningful change to benefit the environment. We aim to elevate science, promote action and volunteerism on behalf of the environment, and expand environmental education.

Earth Day Network will feature and highlight the actions of counties leading up to, on, and after Earth Day 2020. Through a nationwide network of partners, we hope to mobilize millions of Americans to act locally in the fight to save our global environment.

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