Let’s All Go Solar Together

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The possibilities of solar power are right in front of us: solar-powered homes, buildings, transportation, and entire cities. In fact, just recently, Adelaide, Australia, introduced the world’s first completely electric solar-powered bus.

A solar revolution is already taking place across many parts of the world:

  • With a 1-megawatt solar field, a cooperative utility in Kansas is offering community-owned solar to its members;
  • Refugees in Burma rely on solar-powered lighting;
  • Solar-powered charging stations for mobile devices are all over Europe;
  • Residents in Austin, Texas, are purchasing solar energy for less than the cost of nuclear, coal, or natural gas.

Keep the momentum going.
We’ve already figured out how to harness the power of the sun for something good — renewable energy. Now, with your help, we need your friends, neighbors, communities, and local governments to see the value of solar.

Not long ago, we set an ambitious goal of having all cities go 100% renewable by 2050. Solar is a large part of how we plan to realize that goal.


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