Stop the Extinction of the Wild Rhinoceros

All species of rhinoceros are nearing extinction.

Your actions today can make a difference

Black and white rhinos – and the various subspecies within rhino populations – are struggling to overcome significant threats, chiefly: habitat encroachment, political conflict, and poaching.

In fact, since 1970 there has been a 96% drop in the numbers of black rhinos roaming Earth. And the total number of rhinos (across all five species) stands at roughly 28,000 — down from a million in the 19th century.

Adding to the urgency is a need to protect northern white rhinos, of which there are four left in the world. Yes, four.

What can you do today?

Support anti-poaching groups
Anti-poaching rangers in Africa and other areas are working to defend the rhino from armed poachers. Doing so requires training, equipment, personnel and support from people like you.

Activate your social networks and invite others to stand with you.
Post facts about the current rhino situation and incite your friends and others to do the same. Find like-minded groups on Facebook.


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