Biodiversity Matters

Why Should You Care?

Humans tend to think of themselves as apart from nature, but really our environment is an interconnected network of species that rely on each other for various services. Although it is often difficult to predict how removing one species from an area will impact the ecosystem as a whole, rapid extinction hinders the ability of an ecosystem to provide the resources and services that humans rely on for survival. Species are currently disappearing at a rate so extreme that scientists are terming the period we are living in now as the “Sixth Extinction”


5 Facts to Know
  1. According to the Rainforest Conservation Fund, between 4,000 and 6,000 species go extinct in the rainforest every year. 25% of prescription medicines originate from the rainforest.
  2. Biodiversity loss decreases water quality, especially important for people in rural developing areas who rely on the water filtration provided by certain ecosystems for clean drinking water.
  3. Many species act as a form of pest control, but as more predators (like frogs and spiders) become extinct, pest species are able to thrive.
  4. Biodiversity ensures food security by supplying a wide variety of plant and animals species for nutrients. Biodiversity loss decreases available nutrition.
  5. The rapid rate of deforestation and plant species extinction is making our coastlines erode at an accelerating rate.



20 Species Endangered by Climate Change
  1. Orangutan
  2. Irawaddy Dolphin
  3. Emperor Penguin
  4. Ringed Seals
  5. Arctic Fox
  6. Beluga Whale
  7. Clownfish
  8. Koala Bear
  9. Leatherback Turtle
  10. Bicknell’s Thrush
  11. Flamingos
  12. Elephants
  13. Polar Bear
  14. Hawksbill Turtle
  15. Australian Mallee Emuwren
  16. Siberian Crane
  17. Spiny Giant Frog
  18. Stitchbird
  19. European Ground Squirrel
  20. Saker Falcon


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