Panchayat Leadership in India

Training Women Panchayat Leaders

Harnessing the power of women to effect real change

In India, Earth Day Network sees the mandate of grassroots women leaders – or Panchayati Raj – as a significant opportunity in solving our most pressing environmental issues. Our ‘Training of Women Panchayat Leaders Program’ is an initiative geared specifically towards this goal.

Program Design
Training of Women Panchayat Leaders educates female leaders on how to make decisions that promote eco-friendly policies geared toward the sustained interests of their local villages. We seek to create a path to leadership for new generations of women, and give them the tools and knowledge they need to mobilize environmental action.

How It Works
This three-year initiative is delivered through a series of hands on educational workshops. Sample workshops include: The importance of growing more trees; spearheading movements against deforestation; advocating for clean alternative energies over fossil fuels; and conserving and building up natural resources.

Whoever you are, wherever you live — whether in India or anywhere in the world — we encourage to you to become a “Panchayat” in your community. Get involved. Learn the issues. Run for office. Mobilize your community members. Lead.


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