Registering Millions of Climate Voters

Registering voters to call for climate action

Take action by organizing and mobilizing the vote

Earth Day Network – along with the NAACP Voter Fund, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, and the League of Conservation Voters – have committed to registering one million climate voters for the 2016 election. Not only will this facilitate participation in our democratic system, it will encourage voters to think about climate change when they cast their ballot. We must develop climate voters in order to build the requisite national political support for climate policy that produces real change in this country.

The Million Climate Voter Campaign will focus on communities with diverse populations, communities voting in key local, state or national elections, and communities grappling with the effects of dirty energy. In each community, we will work to educate and activate a statistically significant group of climate voters, conduct non-partisan voter registration and education drives, and train and activate community leaders.

The community leader’s role is to:

  • Manage and encourage climate voters within their communities;
  • Activate these voters to create pressure on elected officials year-round;
  • Advocate for climate-related legislation and policy improvements;
  • Train more climate change community leaders.

We will judge the Million Climate Voters Campaign a success if it leaves a permanent infrastructure that will continue to manage and promote civic activism around climate change for many years to come. We have an extraordinary opportunity to fight for both civic and environmental justice. Let’s do this.

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