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Campaign for Communities

Thinking locally about solutions, we work on the ground to build confidence and solve community issues.

From Million Climate Voter to Earth Day Network India initiatives, Campaign for Communities activates people around the world to enact change for the better—for people and for planet.

Artists for the Earth™

Artists for the Earth™ invites all artists and arts organizations to join Earth Day 2020, the 50th anniversary! C

Foodprints for the Future

Our food and its connection to the health of our planet.

Faith & the Environment

Guides and Resources for Communities of Faith.

Earth Challenge 2020

Earth Challenge 2020 will help fulfill our goal of engaging millions of global citizens.

The Great Global Cleanup™

Let’s create clean communities! To see our interactive cleanup map and register your event, head to

Athletes for the Earth®

We call on athletes to act as ambassadors for the planet in the fight against climate change.

Vote Earth

Get involved, get informed, and Vote Earth.

Earth Day Virginia

Local Solutions: Advancing Community Greening Efforts in Central Virginia.

Middle East and North Africa

Honoring Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, Demand for Climate Action.