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Listen to the eerie song of Antarctica melting.

The earliest humans used music to express feelings and ideas about their common experiences in the natural environment they shared. Music was a tool to ensure survival through cooperation.

This spirit of cooperation is alive today. Music allows us to build bridges across countries, cultures and continents and share messages that bind and make cohesive a sense of community and understanding of our shared concerns–especially the threats to our existence.

Whether in orchestras, folk music or contemporary music or in hip hop, reggae, rap or rockthe message of music will travel the globe to unite us, activate us, mobilize us to stand against the forces that would keep the status quo and to take the steps necessary to save our Planet – our Earth.

What You Can Do
  • If you are a composer, write a song about Earth Day and the environmental movement. Send us a link to it.
  • If you are a community leader, sponsor a rock concert in your area with any proceeds donated to local environmental concerns.
  • If you are a teacher or administrator in a school, get students to put on a concert in honor of Earth Day and donate any proceeds to fund sustainability/green measures in your school.
  • If you are a musical artist, record YouTube videos voicing support for environmental protection, smarter energy policies and how fans can make a contribution to Earth Day.
  • If you have a web site or Instagram or Twitter account, offer green tips for your followers.
  • Perform a concert in your local area for the benefit of Earth Day or a local environmental concern.
  • Set up recycling, water and environmental information stations (Eco-Villages) at a concert.
  • As a musician, partner with other musical groups to give a concert in a community where there have been harmful environmental impacts.
  • Invite other artists to jam to raise awareness about green issues.
  • Name a concert after an environmental problem/issue relevant to you or your friends and dedicate the program to songs that relate to it.
  • Perform an environmental concert with the theme of environmental music, introduce the songs and explain what they are about.
  • Practice sustainability in your work.
  • As a rock enthusiast, attend concerts with your friends dedicated to the environmental cause.