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Pledge to Vote Earth


The world is facing crucial challenges as we fight the COVID-19 outbreak. And while we must prioritize public health, we cannot push aside democracy. Voting primaries may be delayed, and voting methods may need new precautions, but we must emphasize voting. 

Today we face an environmental crisis that requires an urgent and transformative response. But we are falling short. In the coming months, years and decades, policies will be the foundation for decisive action on climate change. It’s time to seize this opportunity.

Vote Earth is a global initiative that mobilizes millions of people to demonstrate their concern for our planet. By rejecting inaction and demanding change at the polls, we have the power to drive change.

Vote Earth encourages citizens everywhere to use their voting power to address the climate crisis, fight environmental problems and conserve, protect and restore the natural world. Now is the time to Vote Earth.

Upcoming primaries in the United States.


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