How to Vote Early

In Person

Many states have polling locations that are open not only on Election Day (the first Tuesday in November) but also in the days and weeks preceding it. Find when and where your state’s locations are open and make a plan to vote early. Early voting is an excellent option for folks who are unavailable on Election Day and gives flexibility to those with unpredictable schedules. The lines are also shorter during early voting!

Absentee and Mail-in Ballots

Request an absentee ballot to vote remotely if you’re out of state or otherwise unable to physically go to the polls! Submit your ballot by mail or deliver it to a drop box near you. Free and fair elections are predicated on giving citizens legitimate opportunities to cast their ballot, and mail-in & absentee voting are essential to ensuring this accessibility. Yet, many elected officials and outside groups are working against expanded voter options. That is anti-democratic, not in the public interest and denies the fundamental right of one-person, one-vote.

Learn more about early voting and mail-in voting in your state.


  • Support state and federal legislative efforts to expand voting options
  • Oppose measures designed to suppress the vote or eliminate mail-in and early voting
  • Increase voter registration by pledging to vote and recruiting three friends to vote
  • Work with local officials to increase voter options at the local level
  • Contact your Secretary of State to encourage voter protection and expansion efforts on a statewide basis
  • Join local voting rights groups and other EDN partners to support their efforts
  • Update others about deadlines and instructions for requesting absentee ballots

We cannot overlook our right to vote. Mail-in and absentee options should be made available in every state so that citizens can vote safely. Regardless of how you cast your ballot, make a plan to vote, vote early and Vote Earth.

Voting by mail is safe and effective. Get the facts here.


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