2017 Pathways to India EBook

Earth Day Network now works with over 50,000 partners in 196 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement and more than one billion people participate each year in Earth Day.  One of those countries, India, though challenged with many environmental problems, is also finding novel solutions. Earth Day Network, India, where we have an office, has created our latest eBook that showcases innovative ideas to green the country. Some are surprisingly from the past, and are being readopted.

Lattice screens made of stone, once common in Western India, are being incorporated into the walls of modern structures. As architects explain, these not only provide privacy, but also act as thermal buffers. The antibacterial limestone or “chunna” paint for walls has made a revival because it is now understood that it allows walls to breathe.   Minarets as wind scoops, “baghs” or gardens around factories to help conserve biodiversity and build the green cover, recycling “kabaad” or discarded items to set up new buildings—all these and more are described in this eBook.

The environmentally-conscious company Tata Motors even cares about biodiversity. The natural environment developed and maintained by Tata Motors has native scrubland and dense plantation habitats, water bodies and manicured and landscaped areas. Within these are found varied flora, avian, reptile, fish, animal and Lepidoptera species.

While machines whirl inside, when you step out of the factory buildings, the senses are overwhelmed by the wondrous nature around. Plants flowering in different hues, such as the flamboyant Gulmohar; ones laden with fruit (the very special mangoes of Lucknow included); medicinal ones (the efficacious Neem for example) and many others. Cock your ear and you can hear birdsongs by the different avian species. Migratory birds fly in on brief visits. Others, for example the Black-crowned Night Heron, come to roost on the water’s edge. There are permanent avian residents as well. Stand still and you may even glimpse a jackal darting by, one of the many animals that have made this space their home.

We hope you are inspired by these innovations.  Please download the eBook and feel free to share it with all those who care about our planet and value innovative solutions to climate change. Make everyday Earth Day in 2018 and see how you can carry out greening in your area.