Week in Review - July 29th | Earth Day Network

July 25th – Wildfires are a yearly concern in the western region of the United States. Every year they destroy homes and force people to evacuate. There are strategies that can help prevent these things from happening however. Loggers can come in and clear a line of forest so that the fire has a much more troublesome time spreading and can give firefighters a little bit more space to combat the flames. This is all well and good when there are proper assessments done and when there is a threat of a fire. However neither of these things happened in Washington. Loggers cleared a path 500 miles long as a precautionary measure against spreading wildfires but analysis showed that the fire was never going threatening that area.


July 26th – Real estate Mogul and Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Bought coastal land in Scotland in 2006 to build a golf course and resort area. However, there were already plans in place to build a wind farm just off the shore in this location. Worried that the wind farm would “spoil” the view from his golf course the project has been fiercely contested by Mr. Trump but is seems as though he has lost the fight. He and his lawyers have lost every contest in every relevant court all the way up to the UK Supreme Court. The wind farm will be built, whether or not Donald likes it.

July 27th – Tesla’s master plan at work: to build affordable electric cars to save the world. The Company built expensive cars to fund making mid-range cars and used those profits to be able to fund mass production of more affordable electric cars. With the acquisition of a solar power provider, SolarCity, the company believes it can provide for a sustainable future that anyone can afford.

July 28th – The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has made environmental news several times this week. The convention has highlighted the issues in Flint, Michigan and the role of government in these kinds of manmade disasters. Protesters have made claims that fossil fuel companies have been “polluting” the convention. A star-studded short film from James Cameron demonstrates the issues of climate change was featured at a prime time slot.


July 29th – Hillary Clinton directly addresses climate change in her acceptance speech. Going on to say that we will be able to create clean energy jobs for the millions of Americans out of work. The biggest line from this part of the speech was “I believe in science”. From there she goes on to claim that climate change is real. Her main opponent in the presidential race did not mention this topic in his speech and has previously put himself in the climate-skeptic camp. Environmental policy is one chief divide between the two candidates. The GOP candidate denies climate change, and the Democratic candidate will do something about it.