Voter Registration Organizers


Earth Day Network will work to educate, register and mobilize voters in five U.S. states: Colorado, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

In these five states, Earth Day Network will register voters by targeting college campuses and in Earth Day festivals working alongside Earth Day organizers or by planning Earth Day events. 


Job description:
Earth Day Network is looking for organizers in five states to register voters on college campuses for a stipend of $700. We are asking that these registration activities occur in honor of Earth Day (April 22) starting now until May 15th. Half the stipend will be paid at beginning of employment and the other half will be paid at the end of the contract.
Each organizer will be asked to keep track of each registration, make copies, and send them to the national EDN office in Washington D.C.
It is also required that voter registration occurs at an Earth Day event, pictures and videos are taken during that event, and a blog post is written to feature on the EDN website.
EDN is looking to hire experienced organizers that (i) have previously conducted voter registration duties or is familiar with the process, (ii) are familiar with their state’s election laws, (iii) know where to get voter registration forms and, (iv) will be able to work with other coalition partners on the ground.
If you interested in applying please fill out this form and we will contact you if we require further information.

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Earth Day Organizers