Adjust your water heater: Reduce your electricity bill!

The Issue

Today, many homes rely on storage water heaters to heat and store warm water for daily use. To ensure that hot water is always available, the heaters operate all day long, consuming large amounts of energy. In fact, the average water heater accounts for upwards of 18% of a standard home’s utility bill.

One way to lower the energy use of your water heater is to lower the unit’s thermostat. Most water heater manufacturers set the standard temperature to 140⁰F, which, for most people, is way too hot for practical use. By lowering the temperature to 120⁰F you can limit the amount of energy your water heater uses, and save on your utility bills.

Take the pledge to save energy by lowering you water heater temperature today!



I pledge to adjust my hot water heater

The average hot water heater wastes energy heating water to temperatures that are too hot for human use.

I pledge to reduce my carbon footprint by lowering the temperature of my water heater to a reasonable level.