Buy Local Produce: Save Nutrients & CO2!

The Issue

Do you buy your produce from a grocery store or supermarket? If so, there’s a good chance your food has lost upwards of 45% of its original nutrients by the time you buy it!

In fact, as soon as produce is harvested it starts losing nutrients. Three days after being picked the majority of produce has already lost one-third of its original nutritional value! Since the average piece of produce sits for seven days during its transit from the farm to the produce aisle, this means those “fresh” fruits and vegetables at the supermarket have already lost nearly half of their original nutritional value when you buy them!

Join us in pledging to buy local produce whenever possible. Not only will you eat healthier as a result, but you will also reduce the amount of carbon emissions needed to transport your produce from the farm to your plate.



I pledge to buy more local produce

Eating local produce is important. Not only does buying local produce reduce my impact on the environment, but it also increases the amount of nutrition in the food I buy.

I hereby pledge to buy local produce whenever possible.