Youth for the Environment


Y4TE was set up at the University of Malta in May 2010 and since then, continues to strive to reach out to all members of the public to promote respect and care for the environment, including the people, that surround us on both the local and international scale. Since establishment it has become members of both the KNZ (National Youth Council) as well as KSU (University Student Council), and is it currently in the process of becoming a registered NGO in Malta.
Being a student organisation we try to help students become more aware of local as well as foreign campaigns and situations, organisations, and even initiatives. Some of these include promotion of the European Citizen's Climate Cup (ECCC) ( ), the Reuse Map ( ), Fairtrade, etc. Our method of promotion of such initiatives and campaigns is mainly through the organisation of philanthropic events such as parties, bake sales and fundraisers, articles, etc. Once a year during the university Freshers' Week, a number of endangered animals are short-listed and students are encouraged to vote for the one that they would want Y4TE to adopt through WWF in the name of the students at the University of Malta. So far this animal adoption campaign has been held twice with the successful adoptions of an Amur Leopard as well as a Sea Turtle being the results.
Being a voluntary organisation comprised of students reading for all kinds of degrees (including Business, Tourism, Engineering, Medicine, Biology and Chemistry, Architecture, English and Communications) as well as non-students, we try to encourage others to take a stand and make their voice heard, and not only for environmental issues. We believe in the notions of human rights, and sustainability in general including social and cultural. Conservation of heritage is an important factor because it defines the culture of the people and thus by taking care of it, the people would automatically treat most things with more respect. Equality regardless of gender, age, religion, race, etc. is a key point which would also help the public be more tolerant to others and hence even to their environment. All these factors would help build a mentality which can drive people to care for others, which would in turn lead them to care for the nation they live in in all respects. To promote such notions, organ donation campaigns as well as others have been held numerous times.
As can be seen Y4TE is not simply an environmental organisation that strictly considers the green aspects, but it also looks at all things that are found in that environment - all the living creatures, including the human race itself.

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