UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

The UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) aims to inspire, empower, mobilise and unite ordinary young people to take positive action on climate change by building a youth lead and diverse movement which can speak for the young people of the United Kingdom. We work to communicate a voice to combat climate change that is aspirational, exciting and above connects with all young people.

Our campaigns focus on getting young people to engage positivity on the issues of climate change and currently run an Adopt an MP campaign which connects young people with their local MP, giving them the opportunity to build a relationship around the issues of climate and we also promote sustainable banking through our Bank on the Future campaign.

Climate change is disproportionately harming the health and livelihoods of people living in poverty. These people tend to be least able to influence the decisions made at national and international levels. Efforts to tackle climate change should take into account the needs of the people at greatest risk, and to do this effectively, these people must be listened to. Such efforts should help to address the injustices we see across the world today, not enhance existing inequalities.