Rainbow Warriors International

Rainbow Warriors International

To Unite Humanity in a Global Society Dedicated to a Sustainable Way of Life.

Mission Statement
Rainbow Warriors International promotes, helps implement and monitor sustainable development and human rights worldwide, and of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), indigenous and non-represented peoples in particular.

Our flagship program is Project Paradigm, a structured approach to bringing the building tools for sustainable development to all stakeholders worldwide.

It is based on four focal areas, collaborative networking, ICT for development, governance, international treaties monitoring and review at national levels.

The ICT for development components are:
MetaPortal, providing online access to web sites and open repositories of data, information and knowledge for sustainable development worldwide;
The GLIKI Project (Global Language Initiative for Knowledge and Information);
ICT Driven Modular Farming (IDMF), mobile or movable farming modules integrating waste, water recycling, climate control, renewable energy and new material technologies to reduce food miles, carbon footprint, and optimize fixed and non-fixed surface areas for farming in rural, industrial and urban settings;

The MegaCities Project, a global delivery platform for multilingual open access, open source social networking to enable local, regional and global interlinking for sustainable development actors to exchange information, experience, goods and services, and EarthForge, the software delivery platform for open source ICT tools for NGOs worldwide.

We are now one of the forefront ICT for development AND collaborative organizations in the world with a special focus on governance, well positioned to deal with new technologies, interactive collaboration, social networking and addressing ALL global development issues in a unified way.