PIXT is a new form of Citizen Journalism & Communication. It is an intuitive, natural and fun Platform that focuses on YOU and your full-bodied life and actions VS just focusing on some stuff you may like to Pin.   PIXT is a whole new PRESENTATION INTERFACE that lets YOU source ALL of your Content (videos, photos, graphics, stories, documents and products) from ALL of your Devices (mobile, tablet, laptop) from ALL of your “walled-gardened” Networks (facebook, flickr, picasa) from ALL of your Stores (amazon, ebay, overstocked), and to place that Content upon one WALL of floating tiles that can be embedded anywhere (sites, blogs, facebook).

The Content Tiles on a PIXT WALL can be dragged, enlarged, flipped (to reveal metadata and content on the back), organised, saved, deleted, messaged, commented upon, rated, tweeted, sent and shared.   When YOU play with PIXT and share a WALL with Friends, those Friends who receive a PIXT WALL, can easily add to it just by dragging content from their computer, mobile phone or tablet and dropping it onto any web-browser, which will publish it across all the embedded versions of that permission-based WALL across sites, blogs, facebook and more.   Content can also be added to your WALL via email, upload or via a mobile or tablet app.

The PIXT Video-game-like Experience is similar to that of dumping your box of photos on an infinitely scrolling tabletop, enabling a user to easily  sort, organize, save, share and collect all of the content from your family, your friends, your clubs and your company.  PIXT taps API’s to source photos, graphics, videos and products from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Amazon, Ebay, Overstock etc. and brings you and your  friends favourites into one collected permissions-based WALL.

PIXT is written in Javascript and HTML5, making it extensible to all platforms and devices and fairly future-proof.

PIXT was founded in 2011 in Fairfax CA  with the goal of bringing social interaction to the over- whelming flow of photos and video content online. If you go to an event there is currently not a place where you and your friends can socially see, share and comment on your collected photos and videos from the night. PIXT creates social walls for you and your group to view and exchange the content you collectively created across “walled-garden” platforms.

Check out the 2012 Earth Day Network PIXT Wall here: http://www.earthday-2012.com