Peekay Tree Crops Development Foundation

Peekay Tree Crops Development Foundation (PTCDF) promotes tree-based integrated farming systems for socio-economic benefit to farm-dependent households.  Strategies for conserving the ecological base of farming and popularizing green-farming among the farming community are also adopted. PTCDF supports eco-friendly processing activities under community ownership.

On Earth Day, PTCDF will host a seminar that will focus on (a) low carbon lifestyles and (b) tree-based integrated farming, to support biodiversity and important ecosystem services including climate change mitigation and adaptation. A tree planting drive will take place with 1000 saplings of multipurpose tree species to be distributed to over 500 farm-households.  In addition, leaflets would be produced and distributed among the village community and students of local schools.  PTCDF also plans to register 5000 green pledges during the activity period. These activities will begin on Earth Day, April 22ndand continue up to May 15th.
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