Peace Corps


Peace Corps Volunteers are leaders in grassroots efforts to protect and preserve the environment in 76 host countries. Volunteers strengthen communities’ understanding of environmental issues, provide people with the knowledge to develop their own programs and make their own choices about how best to protect and preserve the local environment. Check out Volunteer assignments from forest conservation to developing alternatives to wood as a fuel source, to promoting environmental awareness in projects like recycling, organizing environmental youth clubs, and park management: What Environment Volunteers Do

Panama - Volunteer David Wagner is building new stoves for a school in a local community in Panama.  The new stoves conserve firewood and provide a more comfortable environment for the cooks than the current stoves.  Wagner has involved the local community in this project and hopes the stoves promote conservation and engage local youth. He plans to continue this project at his community’s church and homes around town.

Katie Simpson, another Volunteer in Panama, is working with a local environmental group to raise awareness of the local sea turtle population and the importance of the sea turtles as an eco-tourism project. She also worked on an oyster project with Peace Corps Response Volunteer Bob Arias. Check out her video here:

Dominican Republic - Business Development Volunteer Joe Kennedy assists local river guides as they form a business association involved in guiding tourists through a popular waterfall site in Dominican Republic. Check out his video here:

Cape Verde: Volunteer Steven Easterby is working in Cape Verde with a local organization that conducts park and ecotourism management work within Sao Nicolau’s Parque Natural Monte Gordo.  He helps direct trail and signage activities, visitor management, and promotion of the park as an international tourism destination.  “Our hope is that in developing the park we will be able to attract greater numbers of tourists to an attractive cultural and ecotourism destination, thus generation money for the communities within and surrounding the park,” says Easterby.

Lesotho - Volunteer Phil Youngren is working in Lesotho with the local Department of Rural Water Supply to build 250 water supply systems for local communities as well as an improved model of ventilated pit-latrines for every household in communities that will receive the new water systems. The project's goal is to improve health in the beneficiary communities by improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities for an estimated 150,000; reducing the amount of time collecting water will allow more time for community members to spend on leisure, educational or economic activities.

Senegal - Volunteer Shelley White helps local students in Senegal mix sand and compost.  This mixture will be used to fill sacks with which to plant papaya and horseradish trees for the locals to eat, sell, and make medicine