MARSSE (pronounced as “mahr-sey”) is a family-owned and operated Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)-certified mature tree farm in Pangasinan, Philippines. It is one of the largest sustainable timber sources in the Philippines and provides tropical hardwood trees, mainly Honduras Mahogany, to both local and international timber markets. It promotes sustainable management of forest plantations as well as promotion of modern forest technology.

Ongoing since 1992, the tree plantation now has over 120,000 Honduras Mahogany and Teak trees. The rolling terrain tree plantation is located in the Northern Philippine region of Luzon, in the province of Pangasinan, and municipality of Umingan.

All seedlings are prepared within the plantation to ensure high quality planting stock. Other agro-forestry operations involve land preparation, fertilizing, watering, weed control, and mulching. Ongoing maintenance and development include pruning, fire protection and prevention, and administrative management.

MARSSE's mission is the development of sustainable tree plantations in the Philippines. They work to:

1. Preserve the renewable hardwood resource in the Philippines by continuously developing barren land into managed tree plantations.

2. Contribute to the health and ecological balance in the region and in the world. Existing vegetation and wildlife within the plantation is protected to maintain and nurture the eco-diversity of the environment.

3. Provide local job opportunities within the tree plantations. Plantation workers are from the immediate town communities.

MARSSE is committed to developing sustainable tree plantations that ensure a future where the need for wood is met in harmony with nature.