La Reserva Forest Foundation

La Reserva Forest Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the world’s vital indigenous tropical rain forests. La Reserva began in 1998 on a 100-acre dairy farm overlooking Lake Arenal, in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. In the early years we planted tree bridges (biological corridors) to connect the remnant forests that remained on our farm, noting that animals could then move from one stand of trees to other forested areas without exposing themselves to predators on the ground. This inspired us in 1998, to allow the forests to regenerate naturally on the entire property, creating a private forest reserve. 

La Reserva is dedicated to reversing the widespread conversion of tropical forest to farmland, recognizing that we are the “gardeners” of the Earth, not just exploiters and consumers. We call our work “oxygen farming” because forests produce oxygen and absorb CO2, thus helping to curb global warming. This is the symbiotic relationship we share with trees, they breath in CO2 and exhale oxygen, we inhale oxygen and exhale CO2, no to mention all of our technology’s CO2 emissions.

The critical importance of the La Reserva Forest Foundation lies not only in its reversal of deforestation but also in its ability to create a hospitable environment for species forced out by over 80 years of farming and 20 years of real estate development. In this premontane wet forest habitat on the Continental Divide, the forest regenerates in as little as eight years, allowing biological corridors to quickly link former isolated patches of forest.

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