Kinomé is a social business with the mission to develop and scale up new ways to create sustainable income and increase the value of standing new forests for local communities. The aim of its mission is to end the massive deforestation trend of the last fifteen years. Kinomé runs Forest and Life, an international reforestation and forest protection movement.

Forest and Life coordinates action on climate in urban centers and through the reforestation community. Its major innovation, endorsed by leading scientists, has been to leverage large-scale forests, not only as carbon sinks (carbon sequestration from the atmosphere through photosynthesis), but also as sources of soil moisture and atmospheric evapotranspiration, which allows moisture to "refresh" the local climate, increasing the resilience of communities to emerging consequences of climate change.

In 2010 Kinomé launched the United Schools and Forest pilot project. The goal of this project is for 1000 secondary school students, aged 9-10 years old, from the Landes Department of southern France to plant their own trees. For each tree planted in France, two trees will also be planted in Senegal. The action is based on a school-focused approach, aiming to involve children in the planting and maintenance of their own trees. Benefits include preventing land erosion and giving local pupils interdisciplinary learning skills and expereiences. It will furthermore help to create an emotional bond and a more positive, protective attitude towards trees and forests in general. The link between France and Senegal aims to connect children and communities to the global reforestation movement and intercultural awareness. So, thanks to this first year, 1000 children planted over 2,000 trees to restore the Landes Forest in France and more than 4,000 trees to restore a Senegalese forest. For the next school year (2011-2012), we plan to bring United Schools and Forests project on a large scale: 60 additional classes in Landes Department to link with children from the Forest and Life movement (2 schools in Ecuador and 17 schools in Peru).

Kinomé, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, and EarthDay Network are Collaborating as part of the Avatar Home Tree Initiative for the United Schools and Forests pilot.