International Dialogue for Environmental Action

International Dialogue for Environmental Action IDEA is an international campaign launched by Leyla Aliyeva on July 12, 2011 in Baku. Leyla saw quite clearly, through her youth work, that the environment was a key cause of concern for young people in Azerbaijan as it is in the region and the world. The concern was real, but the path which young people could take to find out more, to network with others, and to mobilise for action was far from clear.


IDEA is based on the principles of dialogue, action, leadership and education – all essential ingredients for equipping a generation to create positive and sustainable environmental change.

Dialogue:Exchange of ideas through regular forum events and local groups – both in Azerbaijan and internationally

Action:Participation in youth camps, events and specific environmental projects around the region

Leadership:Encouraging and recognizing young leaders, who can effectively spread the word and lead others in our environmental endeavors

Education:Providing resources to schools, groups and communities, to empower them to protect their environment better

IDEA aims at holding a number of environmental actions to draw attention of young people to the necessity of protecting our fragile planet. It also envisages empowering the youth working towards sustainable future.

IDEA is all about working with young people to put environmental awareness and action at the heart of family, community and national life.

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