Green Ghana Volunteers

Green Ghana Volunteers Project is an initiative of the non-profit, Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa based in Accra. Founded in 2007 by Hayford Siaw,an indigenous African, the organization is considered as one of the dynamic and result oriented non governmental organization in Ghana and West Africa.
VPWA's work is based on its collective commitment to support the principles of the UN Global Compact to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals and thus it defends an integrated approach to sustainable development. Green Ghana Volunteers seeks to partner with individuals, businesses and governments in the protection of our unique environment. The project will welcome volunteers across the world and support their participation through supervision and training in our diverse projects using drought resistant, fast growing trees for our tree nurseries, tree production, tree management, carbon sequestration, tree vegetable nutrition and health amongst other activities that enhance the ecological, economic and social benefits of our environment and its people at all levels. Green Ghana Volunteers is expected to grow from its humble beginnings in Eastern, Greater Accra and Volta regions with targeted benefits for other regions of Ghana, West Africa and the world.