Environment Action Association


Environment Action Association’s mission is to empower, unite people and communities to protect and conserve the environment for our planet.

EAA was founded on the premise that all people have a moral right to a healthy, sustainable environment. With a network of more than 230 branches and chapters in 23 different countries whose primary mission is to protect the environment.

We do believe it is not our choice but our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for the next generation so they can enjoy the clean and safe environment.  

All of EAA’s activities are designed to inform and educate the public so they will act to secure a healthy future for themselves and their children. And it is our intention that our work would bring attention to the present and future environmental issues facing the health of our planet and the people it supports.

Thus, we envision a future when every person on this earth becomes an active caretaker of environment.

With a motto of “Clean Water, Clean Air, and Clean Environment”, EAA has executed successful environmental campaigns on issues ranging climate change to drinking water.

To make this vision a reality, EAA will lead the public to global environmental action by engaging in following efforts:

  • Conducting various activities to increase public awareness on environmental protection
  • Creating vibrant grassroots movements of citizens and businesses to participate
  • Activities for Water/Wildlife/Wetland protection
  • Recycling and resources management
  • Combating the climate change
  • Improving the environmental policies/Suggesting the alternative policies to local governments
  • Joint campaign/events with other environmental organizations