ENO Programme

ENO Programme

ENO-Environment Online is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development and environmental awareness. Environmental themes are studied within a school year on a weekly basis. Thousands of schools from 124 countries have taken part.

The ENO programme has been running since 2000. It is coordinated by ENO Association based in the city of Joensuu, Finland. ENO has received funding from the National Board Of Education and municipalities in the Joensuu region.

We value collaborative learning and shared resources. Our website and materials are available for everybody!

The main idea is to lay emphasis on the local environment and to see it in a global aspect: act locally - think globally. Information is gathered from local communities and shared globally on the ENO website. Learning is student-centred with both online and offline activities. At the end of each theme there is a campaign week during which the results of learning are raised in local communities and on the website. Students eventually become ambassadors for the environment of their respective local communities and regions.

Regular themes and activities have been forests and tree planting days, climate change, ecological footprint and different cultural themes.