EDEN Center - Albania

EDEN center is an Environmental Center for Development, Education and Networking.

It is established in March 2004 as non for profit organization, non governmental as a result of step out from Albania of Milieukontakt International.

EDEN center aims to contribute in a sustainable development and a healthy environment through informing, educating and offering services in partnership with the interested actors.

As stated also in the statute of the organization the objectives of the Center are as follows:

1. Promoting the concept of Sustainable Development in government structures.
2. Assisting local and central authorities in drafting environmental contemporary policies and programs.
3. Organizing trainings for local authorities, teachers, and students, members of local environmental NGOs and of the community.
4. Promoting local initiatives for environmental education as well as cooperation among Environmental NGOs, local structures, business and other key actors.
5. Developing educational programs and materials in order to increase public awareness regarding the environment and its impact in the health.
6. Creating access for environmental information to children and young people by also functioning as an Environmental Resource Centre.

Four are the thematic pillars that EDEN is focusing and will continue to focus its work for the coming five years:

• Capacity building of NGOs, GO-s and other interested groups;
• Environmental Education;
• Best Practices of Waste Management;
• Public information and Participation