ecodads ( share how the world works.

Through our non profit, ecodads support each other so we can explain to our children, families and communities how sustainability turns into prosperity.  We share fun and meaningful ways to inspire smart everyday choices and reinforce our human capacity to support whole planet healing.  Working largely behind the scenes, ecodads support, launch and activate effective grassroots public affairs campaigns that make a positive difference.

Our current focus is supporting California’s landmark “Education and the Environment Initiative” (EEI). Signed into law in 2003 and developed over 10 years and $14 million dollars, this comprehensive Kindergarten through High School EEI curriculum allows educators to teach science, social studies and language arts in ways that engage students a with clear understanding of how humans can help or hurt Earth’s natural systems. The curriculum has been unanimously approved for all California schools by the State  Board of Education.
As the official “Advocacy Network Partner” of California’s Department of Environment, ecodads join Google, the National Geographic Society, the Annenberg Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in the frontline efforts to make the EEI curriculum available to all 150,000 California educators and the 6.2 million students they teach.