Earth Day Italia

Since 2007, Earth Day Italia works to promote the formation of a new and strong environmental awareness in Italy. Pierluigi Sassi, Earth Day Italia’s President, has chosen Music as the main instrument to bring the message of respect for the environment and sustainability to the general public. That’s why Earth Day Italia organizes concerts in the most important Italian squares, hosting national and international artistic testimonial like Vinicio Capossela, Ben Harper, Pino Daniele, Peter Gabriel, Patti Smith, Anggun and Carmen Consoli .
In just five years of presence in Italy, Earth Day has become an important and a significant tool to increase awareness on environmental issues. It manages to do it by combining traditional and innovative communication tools.
Earth Day Italia daily effort to promote the formation of a modern environmental consciousness passes trough:
• Celebrate Earth Day with its concerts in the Italian squares
• Reflect on environment and sustainability topics through moments of encounter and engagement with stakeholders in the Italian green scenery
• Work effectively to save the planet through activities with its partners
• Aggregate ideas, institutions, companies, associations, people around a common environmental awareness
Furthermore Earth Day Italia is committed to create a communication platform to enhance the potential of the different parts of the country and where all green actors can relate and find a neutral open space where to communicate and share thoughts, projects on environmental protection and promotion of cultural change towards sustainability.
• Develop and support the activities of the United Nations and Earth Day Network at a global level;
• Give voice and strength to the scientific, institutional and industrial world to promote technological innovation and cultural change;
• Create interaction opportunities between civil society, institutions and businesses to encourage the development of ideas and projects of environmental attention;
• Facilitate fund raising to address humanitarian issues related to the environmental impact.
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