Bent Al-Rafedain organization (BROB)

Bent Al-Rafedain organization (BROB) is a Civil society organization, non governmental, independent was founded in 2005 by a prominent men and women in the Babylon province, Iraq. BROB works to : - Educate the woman, politically and let her know her effective role in the political operation. - Increase the cognitive awareness of the society classes in relating to the human rights, especially woman's rights and opposite the violence against her. - Increase the cognitive awareness of youths and raise their spirit of nationality. - Working to raise the economical level of the Iraqi woman. - Raise the social, cultural and political participation rate of the Iraqi woman and - Develop the skills of connection and human interaction between the society individuals and support the culture of peace. BROB cares for the Iraqi woman and her activities in all domains, it is a free domain for the woman to express her opinion without any pressure or limits, also it’s a spacious field to develop the capability of the Iraqi woman in the social, cultural and political fields and encourage the woman's participation in the development programs. Contact Info Alyaa Al Ansari Chair of Board of Directors